Tuesday, December 28, 2010

snowed in

Virginia Beach saw around 14" of snow over the holiday weekend, which is crazy if your familiar with the area.  I've lived here my whole life and can honestly say I've never seen it snow that much.  The best part was how it stayed white.  Most of the time when it snows in VB it quickly gets dirty from traffic, etc. but this time since it fell on the Sunday following Christmas no one was working to clear the roads and no one was really driving... people were just outside enjoying the snow!

We (more like Jake) tried to play with Tank in the snow, but he wasn't interested at all.  As a matter of fact, he took the initiative to walk himself back to our front door and when I let him in ran right upstairs, jumped on our bed, and nestled himself under the covers.  Usually he has to be wherever Jake or I am and he especially loves to be outside, but snow and rain are his exceptions, so we've learned.

On another note, while we enjoyed the blizzard outside, we weathered the wintery season inside our apartment as well.  Yes, thats right, we had NO heat.  About a week ago we noticed our old school heater wasn't working very well, which isn't surprising really.   After I heard some interesting and new whistling sounds come from it multiple times I decided to actually call our complex to have it checked.  On the 22nd I called and that day they came out to take a look.  The guy told Jake everything looked fine, but when he went to show Jake how to properly use the thermostat he couldn't get the heat to turn on at all.  I think Jake got a bit of satisfaction out of this, seeing as how the guy was basically suggesting we didn't know how to work the thermostat.  Anyway, he said there was in fact something wrong with it so he'd have to tell the complex.  The next day we got a call that they'd be replacing our heater entirely and would install it on the 24th.  We hung around the apartment all day only to have no one show up and received word that this was in fact the case at 7pm; they rescheduled for Monday.  Keep in mind that this was an exceptionally cold weekend... the same weekend we got 14" of snow!  Monday comes around and there is no word from the installer, our complex calls to say that they won't be doing any jobs because of the weather.  At this point I'm pretty mad and so is Jake.  We've spent our entire vacation dressed in layers, wearing socks at all times, and with multiple blankets on the couches and our bed.  The complex sends over their main maintenance guy who after a few minutes reports that our heater isn't broken it just need to be cleaned so it can run smoothly.  No joke, thats what he said.  As happy as I was to hear it wasn't going to be another day without heat, I was mad about needlessly going without heat for days.  Time that wouldn't have been wasted if the first service guy knew a thing about heaters.  And that isn't an assumption I'm making, its a fact!  This guy told us that the other maintenance guy who answered our initial call wasn't good with these issues, more specifically saying, "Eddie doesn't know anything about heaters, it just isn't his thing."  Isn't his thing?  Then why did they send him to answer the call about our heater?   I don't think I'll ever be able to answer that seeing how sending him defies logic.

Nevertheless, we had a lovely Christmas and even enjoyed an extra day off because of the snow!  I watched some movies I got for Christmas, baked and ate cookies, and cuddled on the couch with Tank.   Vacation days don't get much better than that.

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