Wednesday, December 29, 2010

babies, babies everywhere

Is it just me or is everyone pregnant or trying?  DON'T worry, I'm not experiencing the itch, but I have started noticing those around me who have...

First of all, my sister is trying (she may get mad that I'm sharing this on the internet, but I only have a few faithful readers, so we should be good).   This is actually quite exciting, but the hard part is that it hasn't happened for her yet and I know she is bummed about it.  I'm teetering on the line of am I asking her about it too much or not enough?  My intentions aren't to bring up a sore subject or annoy her with my wish to be an aunt, but I also don't want to shy away from mentioning it if she needs someone to talk to.  Getting pregnant isn't easy for everyone and I'm trying to respond in just the right way.

Next, a few of our friends are pregnant.  Jake's best friend shared the news about their little miracle on the way a few weeks ago and a good girlfriend of mine told me at our Christmas gift exchange that she was happily expecting as well!  I'm thrilled for them, both couples were trying and are so happy about their news.  On top of that, Jake's friend/co-worker/business partner's baby girl was born this past Monday... Sienna is her name and cute is her game.  Maybe that doesn't seem like a lot of babies to you all, but it does to me.  That doesn't even cover the people we know who have had a baby in the past year... and there are quite a few of them.  

Again, I'm not personally in a hurry for a little guy... or girl, but babies are growing on me more and more.  I've always liked kids, especially 6 months and up, but I'm even starting to take to infants.  Of course, my original preference of 6 months and or 15+ pounds remains, but I've noticed I'm not as afraid of the bitty babies as much.  I suppose this is a good thing seeing as how, Lord willing, we'll be meeting our fair share in the coming months!

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