Friday, May 13, 2011

boxes, boxes come out wherever you are

It's official... Jake and I are moving at the end of May!

While I realize the move from one rental to the next isn't as exciting as the move from renting to owning, this is the stage Jake and I are at and I'm not upset about it at all!  Actually, I'm perfectly content, its where we should be.

So, in two weeks we'll be leaving the 948 sq. ft. apartment we've come to call home for the past 20+ months for a townhouse in another area of VB- and I'm really looking forward to the change (I think we both are, which is a big deal if you know Jake).

Honestly, the only thing I'm concerned about is packing.  Everyone knows thats the toughest part about moving and we've only scratched the surface at this point.  However, I think having a place lined up and a set move date will help motivate me to do more than I have been.  I want to get started this weekend, but all I keep thinking about is what am I going to pack things up in?  I haven't been one of those proactive people whose been collecting boxes the past month and I wouldn't have the slightest idea of where to get some from.  Oh well, it'll eventually make its way over to the new house one way or another.

The only other thing I've been thinking about as far as preparation, and its minor, is what I want to paint in the new place before we start moving furniture.  We made arrangements to get our keys on Thursday so we'd have time to slowly move boxes over and paint before the big stuff gets moved but I'm not sure what I want to mess with.  Despite this place being a rental, its still very much our next home and paint to me can work wonders in taking a sterile space and making it warm and inviting.  At the same time, everything has to be painted back before we move out so I don't want to get too crazy with it!  For now, I decided the kitchen HAS to be painted and the only other space I'm considering would be the living room.  Currently the walls are stark white and the dining room is a dark tan... it's quite the contrast.

Here is a quick shot of the kitchen, nothing fancy but don't you agree that it needs a little color?  Any suggestions?

PS- Don't judge it as is... I have high hopes for this room!

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  1. You can get free boxes at liquor stores. They actually work pretty well. There's a store in Norfolk that even puts their empty boxes out by the cash registers for people to take as many as they want (whether you buy anything or not... I asked). I'll see if I can get some to you on Thursday.



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