Sunday, May 22, 2011

making progress, I guess

I don’t remember any of my moves in college or the one to our current apartment being this bad. I’ve made progress and we’ve gotten rid of a ton of stuff, but when I look around it doesn’t seem like I even made a dent. There are tupperwares everywhere and lots of the TJ Maxx and Marshall’s reusable bags stuffed with random things, but I’m still unsure of how it’s all going to get from point A to point B by Saturday night.

On a more productive note, we did pick out the paint color for the kitchen (which I’m keeping a surprise) and have made the majority of calls regarding our utilities, renter’s insurance, and all that other jazz. Jake has been a HUGE help with this and it’s been such a relief to not have to use all my lunch breaks to sit on hold and make these arrangements.

I’m off this later this week because of the holiday and really hope to have things close to well-organized before I get back to work on the 31st! Fingers crossed anyway.


  1. Do you have a dolly or two? I think we have one-- also, should we bring both cars or would just the Pilot be enough?

  2. Good luck! Moving is so not fun. Lets have a phone date soon, I want to finalize a time to visit you and hear about your new place! love ya!



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