Friday, May 11, 2012

Tanky Tank

Obviously Tank can't talk, but his behavior last week spoke volumes to Jake and I about how he's been feeling.

In addition to Jake being non-weight bearing for 4-6 weeks I've been traveling a lot.  What does that have to do with anything?  Well, between the two of us Tank is typically exercised at least once a day.  Typically Jake runs him or I walk him and clearly neither Jake nor myself have been able to do either lately.  I guess Tank noticed.

At first his response was to act lethargic around the house, but I guess after 2 weeks he decided to take more drastic measures.  He started getting into and destroying anything and everything left out within his reach.  I've lost a pair of navy peep toe heels, a skinny belt (that I wore once and was left on the bed for less than 15 minutes!), a bottle of sunscreen, an eyeglass case (weird, I know) and who knows what else that I haven't found yet.

Frustrated, I vented to Jake and he mentioned that there were other strange things he'd been doing too that I didn't even know about.  Apparently he no longer wanted to play fetch and he pooped in the house a few times while I was away!

We eventually decided that it had to be Tank's way of lashing out from a lack of exercise nd agreed that I had to start walking him again regularly.  I did and things have gotten better.  

I still don't think I'll leave a pair of heels out any time soon, but I'm feeling like things in the house stand a better chance this week then they did last week.


  1. Boy oh boy, that nephew of mine. He needs to spend an hour with his cousins one day... that'll wear him out!

  2. Yeah, high heels are at risk of destruction by dog teeth at our house on a good day. I'm sorry Tank has been feeling neglected lately. Hopefully he'll be a good citizen again soon.



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