Thursday, March 15, 2012

midweek confessions

Good news and bad news.  The good news is that I'm reaching "consistent" status with linking up for midweek confessions.  And now for the bad news..

-We got our taxes done today and are basically getting nothing back.  Don't get me wrong, I'm thankful we don't owe, but I am the type of person that looks forward to getting a big refund and was shocked with the amount we're getting.

-Still on the tax return topic, the person working with us said numerous times that we should buy house based on our income, etc.  She reviewed all the benefits of doing so and went on to talk about how other clients of hers who made less money than we did purchased a home and were seeing a much better tax return than we were... not to mention they owned a home.  I get it.  I got it.  Understood.  Trust me, we aren't renters because we are interested in buying a home, but we're not there yet.  Slow and stead wins the race, right?

-Keeping with the tax return theme, because of this unexpected and disappointing news I spent the evening stress eating.  I walked out of the tax place, passed my car, and did a slight jog to Just Cupcakes because it was in my line of sight but closed at 6... and it was 6:05.  The owner was packing up and told me they were closed.  Despite being defeated I held the door open for him anyway as he loaded boxes into his car.  This act of kindness paired with the pure look of desperation on my face must have pulled on the heartstrings because before I knew it he said he could check to see what they had in the back.  Hallelujah.   And he had me at mint... $3.00 later I was stuffing my face in my parked car right in front of the tax place.   Once I got home I had a Breyer's ice cream sandwich and moped around the house.

That's all for now, obviously I can't talk about anything unrelated to our tax appointment at the moment.  Sorry, maybe next week will be balanced with more good news.

these look better than the one I had

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  1. hey i didn't get an ice cream sandwich! That's messed up. See if I ever let you emotionally eat alone again on a Thursday!



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