Sunday, March 4, 2012

kickin it up a notch

In keeping with the confession trend, I have to admit that I am struggling with Weight Watchers lately. I'm not as zealous about tracking my points or my daily point allowance. The way WW works is that I get so many points a day plus a weekly point allowance. When I first started on the plan, I rarely exceeded my daily points and only occasionally tapped into my weekly ones. However, now it seems as though that commitment has gone out the window. Something has got to give and I'm fairly certain it isn't going to be my weight... so it's got to be me.

I have challenged myself to not exceed my daily points at all leading up to the weekend (what a novel concept!) and am also decreasing my weekly extra point allowance from 49 to 15 points. I also was thinking I might kick it up another notch with some additional exercise. And by additional I mean adding it to my routine period. I've been averaging working out once a week which, shocker, hasn't really done much. My plan is to walk Tank at least 3x this week and get two runs in over the weekend. I can't wait for daylight savings so I can get back to running after work, something I surprisingly look forward to.

I feel a little embarrassed that I've been yo-yoing around the 18-19 total pounds lost point and really want to hit 20 gone by next Sunday. WW has all of these articles on hitting your plateau and I've heard the last 10 pounds are the hardest, but at this rate of around half a pound a week (sometimes not even that) it's going to make me f.o.r.e.v.e.r. to knock off another 15-20. I'm only half way to my goal (which as changed a few times to be a bit more aggressive) so I've got to up the ante to keep moving the scale. Wish me luck, and I'll give you an update next Sunday!


  1. I joined a run group and our first meet up is on Tuesday :S - I really want to be good at it or better yet love it. 20 lbs is an ahh-mazing accomplishment... I seriously love Jennifer Hudson so much that her ads make me want to join ;) good luck!

    1. She is a great spokesperson for them, that's for sure! I'll have to check back on your blog to see more on how the runner group works out. I feel like I'd have to get in WAY better running shape just to try and join the one here in VB close to where I live. Let's just say we're in a highly health conscious part of the city!



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