Tuesday, June 15, 2010

all stepped out

Do you remember the post about my company's walking competition? Well the contest isn't over, but I definitely think our team is over it. We gave it a good run, but it seems like we're a million steps behind the team in first place. Currently, we are still holding strong to our 5th place standing out of 63 teams (we actually moved up to 4th and then back) but it seems impossible to catch up now. Not to mention, one team member has started experiencing shin splints and our pedometers are starting to break. The competition ends this Friday and I'll be sure to keep you posted on the outcome- our hope at this point is to just cling to 5th.

On a positive note, I actually started to notice a slight physical change after 2 weeks of consistent power walking during lunch and the two-a-day garage walks (we move at a sweat producing pace). I actually might try to keep the routine up but certainly won't be heartbroken to retire my "pedo". Not to be vain, but my clothes already fit snuggly and this little pink box that rattles when I walk isn't exactly doing anything for my outfits or my figure- you should see it sticking out on my hip... it looks ridiculous!

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