Tuesday, June 29, 2010

So Close!!!

11 hours until the premiere of Eclipse!!! I can barely stand it! With the movie on my mind, I've barely been able to talk about anything else... and since I'm at work that means I haven't been talking that much at all (except to other Twihards, of course). I have seriously been waiting months to see this movie and it shows. Poor Jake, he sees the worst (a relative term) of it.

Awhile back I got an invitation to buy a ticket for a reserved theater. I kid you not, some women from work reserved an entire theater when New Moon came out and took their chances on selling all of the seats. Of course they ended up getting rid of all of them and people were so happy with the arrangements that they asked them to take on the task again for Eclipse. This is not a joke, these ladies are serious... and frankly, so am I. They created a website (check it out) and have been keeping it updated as the time passed before the premiere. I snatched a ticket pretty early on and have been anticipating this evening- the trivia, costumes, and finally movie for quite some time!

I'll be sure to recap everything tomorrow and if they'll let me/if I remember, I'll try and snag some pictures of the festivities! Bring on 88 adult Virginia Beach Twihards- we're finally united!!!


  1. That's a perfect idea!! I love the movies, but I always wait until the hormonal teenage wave dies down to go see them. I wonder if anyone in my area has reserved a theater..?

  2. It would be worth it to find out, I don't think there will be any kids in the theater and I absolutely can't wait!!!



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