Thursday, June 10, 2010

making a list and checking it twice

There has been a TON going on (or so it seems) with Jake and me the past few weeks! To keep you in the loop, I've listed the things we've checked off so to speak. I know it isn't a lot for you to read, but it was a lot for us to do in the past couple of days. Enjoy and I'll post something more entertaining soon!

1. Jake started work @ Sentara this past Monday.
2. We've started making arrangements to pick up Tank/Samson/Dotson during fourth of July weekend.
3. I went with my mom to take care of just about all the graduation party needs... the beer is Jake's job.
4. I decided to join the YMCA and keep up with my spin obsession.
5. Bunco took place this past Wednesday at Dani's house and I didn't win a thing, not even most losses.
6. Jake started and finished the MS 2 day bike challenge last weekend & I cuddled with Boomer (our favorite Boston Terrier to dogsit) in his absence.
7. I bought a new bathing suit with not exactly perfect matching bottoms- this is a first for me, although I feel like it's becoming a trend.
8. I almost got a speeding ticket.
9. Jake and I tried HK on the Bay and had some awesome seafood (this is blogworthy because we never go out for dinner).
10. Jake finally took his PT boards today!
11. And most importantly, I purchased my ticket for the Eclipse midnight movie premiere!!!

1 comment:

  1. Sounds like a fun and busy time! And YAY FOR ECLIPSE! =)



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