Thursday, June 17, 2010

No goodbyes, just an I'll see you later

Today after work I met my good friend Meredith for a farewell dinner and stuck around for dessert with some of her other girlfriends. Meredith and Marty have been preparing over the past few months for a move to St. Louis and tonight marked Meredith's last night in Norfolk. I don't want to come across as sappy, but I'm sad that one of my closest friends is moving so far away. At the same time, they are moving so Marty can attend Seminary, and I know that this is the right move for them.

After giving my "see you later" hug I headed home (with tear-filled eyes, of course) and was thinking of my favorite memories with Mere. I met her at Virginia Tech and lived with her in the Hasselhouse for two years. We graduated the same year and both moved to Tidewater immediately afterwards. Over the past three years I've watched Meredith start her career as a kindergarten teacher, get married and celebrate three anniversaries, move twice (St. Louis makes three), shop for houses, buy a new car, grow attached to Norfolk, embrace birthdays, and so much more. Likewise, Mere has seen me get engaged and then married, start my job, get involved with a church, make close friends at work, train and actually run in races (unlike the Shamrock 5K that we just walked to pick our shirt up for), apartment shop, gain and lose weight, plan for Tank and so on. I am so excited for this new chapter in her life and am happy to continue watching her hit these milestones! I hope this post doesn't come across as dark or depressing, because it really isn't meant to be! Besides, I didn't get her a going away gift, so this is sort of my little tribute that can count as that!

Here are just a few pictures taken over the years!

Let me introduce Meredith Cates

... and myself

First off, can I just ask how these two personalities got to be so close? You wouldn't think we would be, but I promise we are in fact friends... good ones too!

bonding at a birthday celebration

more bonding

Mere's return to the Hasselhouse after she got engaged

hanging out at the beach house the day I got engaged

Mere's bridal shower

... and mine

celebrating with her girls before the big day

... and me getting ready to do the same

Mere and Marty's wedding

... and mine and Jake's

In time I hope to add to these photos things like pictures of our first homes, baby showers, and hopefully more memories made back on the east coast! Until then, I'll settle for phone calls, g chats, and hopefully a visit here and there!

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  1. What a sweet post. I hate that Disney princess bowling ball picture- my hair cut was so bad! I miss you already! Can't wait for our crazy silly phone dates. Soak up some sun and beach time for me :)



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