Sunday, June 27, 2010

I prove my point

After Tzu & Diana's wedding a group of our college friends got together for dinner before parting ways. At some point a conversation started about being newlyweds and the adjustments to living together, etc. I, of course, shared a little about Jake's gross habits that may or may not be attributed to him being male. Either way, this had Jake spinning in confusion as he started debating over who was more gross. Are you starting to see where this conversation went? I called him dirty, he called me messy and we shared examples to prove our descriptions true with everyone- bless their hearts and ears for listening. I totally agreed that I am a messy person, but leaving a dish in the sink doesn't come close to some of his down right dirty tendencies. Just ask his parents about his laundry basket... gross!

Anyway, the group was laughing and the debate sort of ended with no clear victor... until now!

When we got home I opened the door and was immediately hit with an odor I could barely stand, let alone properly describe (don't forget, I was in New Orleans the entire week). I asked Jake what on earth happened and his response was priceless, "I don't know what the scent is but it was definitely here before I left. I looked everywhere for it." It took me no more than a few seconds to reach the top of the stairs where bags of trash sat in a large shopping bag. How did I know for sure the contents? Well, probably because I collected trash Monday night before leaving and set it right there for Jake to take out. I actually bugged him more than once that night about running it to the dumpster because the kitchen bag had banana peels and chicken trimmings in it. He of course assured me that he wouldn't forget to take it out and to stop nagging him about it. I would have taken it out myself, but I'm sort of a procrastinator when it comes to packing and I had a lot to get done before my 5am flight out. I should have known better.

Oh, and did I mention that Jake cut off the AC when he left on Friday? Oh yes, true story. So that bag of trash and all of it's pleasant contents soaked up the 100+ degree heat in our tiny little apartment for over a day. Totally gross. I think I prove my point and win the debate.

Elizabeth- please, please, please make sure you relay this story and final "point" to Jeff and Howard. I know they will have no trouble believing it.

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  1. That is too funny... he actually "searched" for it? Lol. You win, hands down.



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