Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Club Tank

 I try not to talk about Tank a ton, but let's be honest, I LOVE to talk about him and this newest story is definitely worth sharing.

To set the proper foundation I have to start by telling you that our apartment is beside the playground which we have to walk by every day.  When we got Tank in July, school was out for summer and the kids at the playground loved seeing him (I can't blame them).  At first, Jake and I thought it was cute that they were so excited about him, but after noticing the excitement wasn't dying down with time we started to get a little annoyed.  After a few weeks, it got to the point that when we got home from work they would walk up to us and ask if Tank could come outside.  It was then that we started to dread taking him out.  I am not exaggerating when I say that they swarm us like little bees and physical block us from walking Tank.  Once one of the girls tried picking him up and dropped him, which didn't go over well with Jake.  Are you starting to get an idea of what life's been like???

On my sister's birthday a friend of mine offered to let Tank out after work so that I could head straight to dinner and not be worried.  I was short on time, she wanted to help, and her kids love him so it was a win win.  As I handed her my keys I cautioned her about the neighborhood kids and how they can be overbearing.  I kid you not that it was the first thing she brought up to me the following day at work and her daughter sent me a text that night referring to them as the "Little Pink Gang"!  So true, I couldn't have named them better myself! 

Recently (aka yesterday) after work my patience was challenged yet again!  I was walking down the sidewalk and talking on the phone when I heard them yelling to me about Tank.  I started thinking to myself that they can't possibly expect me to answer them 1.) because I'm an adult and I don't have to answer to punk kids and 2.) because I'm on the phone... obviously!!!  Finally, after I walked past them without answering they realized I was busy.  When I got inside I avoided taking Tank out as long as I could.  Usually we take him out right away but I just couldn't handle them again, so I kept an eye on him and prayed he wouldn't tinkle inside... and he didn't.  Once I mustered up the courage and more importantly, patience, I took him out.  I was supposed to be meeting someone in the parking lot and had to actually ask the kids to please wait for me to come back so I could meet my friend, and then repeat myself because they wouldn't move.  After a few minutes they came and found me in the parking lot. U N B E L I E V A B L E.  But wait, it gets better.  They approached me with a sheet of paper that said, "Club Tank" across the top with names and rules underneath it.  They explained to me that they started a club and wanted to show me the rules and who was in it.

Rule #1: We can pet Tank at least once a day.
Rule #2: Tank comes outside to play after school.
Rule #3: (I don't remember it, because I was still in shock about this club and that they were telling me about while I was in the middle of talking to a friend at their car in the parking lot).

How does one respond???  I just laughed and told them they'd have to tell me about it later when I wasn't busy.  Seriously... I want to say something but they are KIDS.  Old enough to be annoying sure, but young enough to be super sensitive.  I would make a polite comment to their parents, if any were ever around, but their gang is completely unsupervised until almost 8pm.  Maybe that's part of the problem.

I really don't want to be mean, but it's too much.  I hesitate to walk my dog because I don't want it to take 5 minutes to get more than a few feet from my door but there is no other way outside.  And I don't want to be mean to them, because I am the adult and they're just kids.  Jake and I need to talk about this more.  Our original plan was to talk to one of the older siblings or this little guy in the group, but the siblings have been non-existent since school started and the little guy has become the ring leader for Club Tank.  Any suggestions???

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  1. I tell you... this was your funniest post EVER! (Hey, are any of those kids my students, because it sounds like it!) Okay... here are my ideas:
    1) Sadly tell them that Tank is ill and can't be touched for the next ______ weeks or else his fur will fall out.

    2) Start charging them.

    3) Tell them that Tank has been getting bad grades, so until he raises them, he is on restriction and can't play after school.

    4) Ask to see their progress reports and tell them that until they raise THEIR grades, Tank can't play with them after school. Ha.

    5) Start speaking another language and act like you can't understand them when they mob you. Pig Latin will work just as well.

    6) Get Tank a pee pad (you know, they sell them on infomertials... they look like grass) and HIDE FROM THE GANG!

    7) OR approach them with YOUR list of demands for "Club Tank" and the rules of playing with him (for example... when you come home after work, they are not to ask to play with Tank. Tank will come out to play within _____ minutes), etc. Give those boogers some rules.

    Too funny. Love ya!



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