Thursday, October 21, 2010


I PROMISE I haven't forgotten about you all or lost my motivation for blogging more immediately after getting it... I've been in Orlando since Tuesday and when I travel for work it's always difficult to post (I hope you forgive me).

Anyway, I had been trying to keep notes of funny things to recap that have happened while here, but tonight as a whole just takes the cake!  First of all let me start by saying that my roommate, Danielle, has been awesome!  We actually worked in the corporate office together (different departments, same division) for three years and she just moved to do her same job in the Orlando office.  It's been fun to spend time with someone familiar but everything with the Florida group has been great- they are hilarious!

Tonight, we were taken out to dinner off-site which is quite the process when your party is 18 people, the closest restaurants are 20 miles away, and you've got to fit into 3 cars.  The restaurant was this Irish place in Disney and the group really had a good time.  At one point some ladies at the end of my table were laughing so hard from the stories about this one office that people started leaving their seats to come over and listen, myself included.  I'm not kidding, I was laughing so hard and enjoying the main person's storytelling style so much that once I finished my food, I moved my seat til we left to their corner.  It was one of the best decisions I've made and the laughs kept coming.  Once I left that group to ride back, things got better.  Something to know about them is that every comment made is intended to be a punchline... and it is.  Melisa in particular is so funny to me.  A few of the things she said last night include (and yes, these are direct quotes):
"Oh gosh its a full moon, no wonder I'm so moody! I'm serious people!  The moon affects the tides and our body is 80% water... do the math bitches!" (excuse the profanity, but it was included to keep the integrity of the quote)
As she directs the driver on how to get out of the shopping center:
"You don't have to stop at these stop signs.  Seriously, I only ever stop if there is a person in the crosswalk.  I always stop for animals though, even if they aren't in the crosswalk."
"STOP looking at me while you're driving!  I'm afraid to make any jokes because when I talk you stop looking at the road and I can tell because the car literally swerves to the right each time." (this was true and dangerous... at one point the driver was laughing so hard she took off her glasses to wipe away all the tears and the rest of us panicked as we veered off the ramp).
Once we got back to the hotel, some people headed out to party and some wanted to just go to bed.  As part of the lame group, I got on the elevator for bed, but ended up riding it up and down to keep hearing stories.  This started when Kelly's floor came up right in the middle of her story, so we insisted that she get back on to finish... and then no one got off when their floor came up, we just kept riding and sharing until we finally decided to all get off and take our party of 6 to a stagnant place.  It was hysterical.  While I realize you might not see the humor in any of this, I wanted to remember the night so blogging was only appropriate, plus they'll get a kick out of it!

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