Friday, October 15, 2010

Featured Colleague: Meredith Mobley

Welcome to the first-ever Featured Colleague Friday post, exclusive to Walk a Day in my Flip Flops.  By exclusive I mean I'm not quite fancy enough to start a multi-blog series like the 30 before 30 or What I Wore Wednesday (give me some time), but if you have fun colleagues that you want to talk about on your blog, please do!

My sister recently suggested I give myself weekly topics to focus on so that I don't stop blogging and I think it was a great idea.  So, for the next few Fridays I'm going to attempt to post about my some of my favorite colleagues.    I know this combined with Office Shenanigans makes for a lot of office talk, so I'll try to keep it interesting and fingers crossed... you actually enjoy it!

Without further ado I'd like to introduce you to Miss Meredith Mobley.  Meredith is a diva by day and a diva by night.  When she isn't working at Dominion Enterprises as the Marketing Communications Coordinator, aka Queen of Communications, shes volunteering with PRSA, freelancing, and (not "or", because she does it all) spending time with her family and friends.  

Writing and Public Relations are Meredith's great loves, only second to God.  You can always find her in pearls, heels, and on the other side of a camera lens.  In case you can't tell, she is extremely photogenic and not camera shy (the above shot was taken in our office).  One of my favorite memories of Meredith was when I was walked by her cube and saw her checking out a photo of herself (practically full screen) out of the corner of my eye.  The best part was the smile on her face, in the picture and at that moment while looking at it, you should have seen it!  I laughed immediately and did a double take to be certain of what I thought I saw; I wasn't mistaken.  If you know Meredith you know that's not hard to believe, perhaps you've seen similar behavior by her yourself!

A few of my favorite things about Meredith are:
1. Her confidence.
2. Her frantic feet tapping when she thinks something is laugh out loud funny but doesn't want to cause a distraction at work.
3. That she passes me hand written notes in the office via post-its.
4. How she'll make sure to do a catwalk strut of a new outfit if you haven't noticed it.
5. When she uses her handheld mirror to spy on me in my cube or when she threatens to spray me with canned air dusters (wait, I actually don't like that).
6. Her initiation of and or quick retaliations to sassy office banter.
7. That she keeps a can of beefaroni or clam chowder in her desk at all times.
8. The heart she has for her friends and family.

My original intention was to make this post pretty funny, but I wasn't as successful as I'd hoped to be.  If you know Meredith you're probably laughing more than if you don't, but as I started writing it I realized I was doing it more for Mere's entertainment than anyone else's.  



    DISCLAIMER: The photo was sent to me and Amanda walked by my desk RIGHT when I opened it. I wasn't gazing longingly into my own reflection! I'm not vain!!!!!

  2. The photo is fantastic ... shoosh! Meredith ... you're fantastic and so bubbly. Such positive energy is around you!

  3. Meredith-
    Lets be honest, Amanda may have walked by at the most opportune time but you know gazing at your photo is a daily hobby! :D

    Like the post Amanda, can't wait to see others!!!

  4. I am WEAK! Meredith and that dang mirror!

  5. You know I've got to keep an eye on what kind of action is taking place on the other side of that cube...



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